Search Engine Optimisation

What is our technical work?

  • We analyze the web page, the architecture and adapt to the digital environment.
  • We identify the ideal search keywords for the business by volume and competence.
  • We optimize the source code of the web and work on indexing in Google.
  • We review and adapt the contents of the web to obtain the best evaluation of the search engines.
  • Unique external promotion of quality.
  • We follow up and provide personalized attention through a monthly report.

In each project we will assign a qualified technician that will solve your doubts and explain the actions carried out

Benefits of the SEO service

  • Increase the qualified traffic of potential customers.
  • Indirect increase of visits through other channels: Google Adwords, Direct traffic, Social Networks, or digital press media.
  • Improve your company’s visibility on the internet: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on Google.
  • Exceed your position in Google compared to your competitors.
  • Generate conversions: sales, sending forms, registrations, and calls.
  • High return on investment in the medium and long term!

Why choose us as your SEO company?

  • We have a team of 14 technicians with high qualifications in programming, layout, and web positioning.
  • We assign you an SEO specialist who will be in charge of solving your doubts and making personalized advice
  • We met the objectives set in 95% of the projects.
  • We send monthly reports through a leading technological system.
  • We work for the trust.
  • More than ten years of experience in the sector!

3,000 customers currently trust us and there are many to be wrong

Together we can create an action plan to capture your potential customers

The technical team of SER or not SER will analyze your business to establish the SEO strategy according to your company. Trust us, and we will place your website in the top positions of Google!